i’m asking you sugar would i lie to you?


Smash! Meme Challenge → 8 Characters

 ↳ [05/08]Ana Vargas

there’s nothing safe about being a star


Smash! Meme Challenge → 8 Characters

 ↳ [06/08]Bombshell, a.k.a. The Play Itself


If The World Looked Like You 
a Jeremy Jordan mix by myndirnotur

1. broadway here i come // 2. carry me up // 3. i am yours // 4. rooftops // 5. something’s coming // 6. the answer // 7. the left side of the moon // 8. high and dry // 9. santa fe // 10. run away with me // 11. wall lovin’ // 12. stay awhile // 13. this year // 14. tie me up (feat. ashley spencer, his beautiful wife) // 15. try // 16. if the world looked like you

✗ download here 

i love jeremy jordan, a lot. and i find myself listening to his covers on youtube all the time, so i figured why not just rip them and put them in a mix for everyone to have? so here you go, the closest thing we have to an album from jeremy jordan (aside from his work on cast albums and such, except for one newsies song and two smash songs because i couldn’t help it). happy belated 29th to him, i can’t wait for the last five years!

special thanks to anne for introducing me to this lovely man.

Megan Hilty & Katharine McPhee on the set of It Could Be Worse.

It’s time to stand aside
You can’t take the best of me
Hate to break it, hate to break you, hate to break it to you

I’m not sorry

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songs from hit list//good for you

oh i, oh i,
think i could be good for you
i could be good for you

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